The J.P. Home provides an alternative residence and family for the newly recovering man. It encourages new patterns of social relationships and provides a supportive environment to help in the healing process from the disease of alcoholism.

The Concept and Structure of “The J.P. Home” is modeled after that of “The Men’s Home” which is located in Alexandria, VA, and has been helping the newly recovering alcoholic return to a useful place in the community for over 60 years.

One of the biggest and most important contributions anyone could give us in the future is a commitment to a monthly financial donation. The J.P. Home will operate by design at a loss each year. In order to keep the rent at a reasonable cost for the newly sober alcoholic, the rent received from our residents will only cover about half of the yearly expenses; therefore we will be relying on “Others” to make up the difference.

Please consider a recurring donation

Mission Statement

The purpose of The J.P. Home is "to provide a home-like environment for alcoholics who have a sincere desire to recover from alcoholism. To provide food, bed, information, fellowship, and the sharing of spiritual values, which are a part of that recovery. To expose the alcoholic to other recovering alcoholics so that together, they can regain self-respect, confidence, and a useful place in the community and to help attain sobriety through the principles of Alcoholics Anonymous."

House Rules

These rules are in place for the benefit and welfare of the residents, in accordance with the focus and goals of THE J.P. HOME, to continue to provide a safe, clean, and sober environment for the men who are actively involved in a healthy, honest, and ongoing recovery program.

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